What Chews Holes in Tomatoes? How to Identify, Stop or Prevent

Realizing all tomato fruits with small holes when harvesting is fast approaching can be discouraging. Find out which pests are responsible for eating holes in your tomatoes, including leaves and stems. In most cases, plant diseases are not considered direct causes of the problem. 1. Hornworms – Tomato Leaves with Holes One of the major … Read more

Trees With Red Flowers for Brilliant Garden: Small, Short or Tall

Colourful flowering trees can be an exceptional or excellent addition to visible features (landscape) in our gardens. Size (small, dwarf or large; shortness or tallness) of the tree can say a lot whether it is a suitable choice to make your garden stand out. While some tree families are all-season bloomers, a few bear their … Read more

Why is My Prayer Plant Leaves Curling? Causes & How to Fix

Prayer plants are unique in their ways. They naturally fold leaves inwards at night and unfold them just after dusk. However, sometimes the leaves will refuse to open or seem to remain praying unusually the whole day. Your prayer plants are communicating they may have issues needed to fix. If you don’t act promptly to … Read more

Plants With Red Stems & Green Leaves: Houseplants or Garden Plants

A majority of garden plants have green stems and leaves of varying shades or hues. Fewer plant families have stems and leaves of different colors on the same plant. For example, certain plants may have red, reddish, dark-red or tinge-red stems but green leaves. Red stemmed plants is commonly attributed to genetics. Pink, red or … Read more

How to Treat Leaf Miners on Citrus Trees, Prevent + Signs

Citrus leafminer is a destructive pest during its larvae stage. It majorly causes foliage damage. As a result, stunting growth, exposing citrus to secondary plant diseases and low-quality fruit production can occur. Get information on how to identify them (pictures), and possible means by which you can treat, control and manage citrus leafminers. The pest … Read more

Best Dandelion Killer (Weed Killer Product + Natural Control)

Common dandelions are not primarily weeds. However, if they take over your lawn you will need to kill them because they are considered weeds. Targeting the whole dandelion including the roots is the best way to kill it. You may opt for non-chemical control or use dandelion weed killer products to get rid of them. … Read more

Why are My Tomato Leaves Turning Yellow?

There are many reasons why your healthy tomato plant leaves may turn yellow. This plant problem can be caused by a plant fungus, nutrient deficiency, transplant shock, or improper care for your tomatoes. Learn more about what it means, how to identify the problem together with pictures. Some causes have cures while those without might … Read more

Growing Asparagus from Crowns & Seeds: Stages with Pictures

Emerging asparagus spears

You can grow Asparagus either from its Seeds or Crowns. Whichever you go for, there are stages you need to follow in order to get the best results. After planting the asparagus plant, you need to take good care of them. The main caring practices include weed removal, watering, fertilizer application, and disease and pest … Read more

Garden Fungal Plant Diseases: Identify, Treat & Prevent

How do you know if your garden plant has a fungus? Where do fungal infections come from? Plant fungal disease is one of the common problems gardeners and crop growers face. Explore common garden plants affected plus learn how to identify common plant fungal infections, treat, control, and prevent them. What Fungi Cause Plant Diseases? … Read more

Best Christmas Flower Basket Ideas (Indoor & Outdoor) With Pictures


Need to have a scintillating holiday? Christmas and flowers are inseparable. You need not be a special occasion designer for Xmas holidays. Neither do you need to be on a budget. With simple crafty tips, you can still celebrate these holidays with a sensational festive touch. Everyone has at least a Christmas flower idea for … Read more