Philodendron Spiritus Sancti: Plant Care, Price + Identifying

Philodendrons spiritus Sancti is the rarest plant known among the family members to which it belongs. Named after the Espirito Santo state in Southeast Brazil, the spiritus Sancti plants growing in the natural habitats are very very few. To have one as your houseplant, you would need to fork out a lot of cash. Read … Read more

When Do Monstera Leaves Split? How And Why (With Pictures)

Young and newly purchased Monstera plants normally bear solid complete leaves. When mature, leaves usually develop holes and split naturally. These growth changes make monsteras unique plants. At times the holes and splits will not come. Know how long it will take before your monstera starts to split its leaves and possible reasons why it … Read more

Why is My Prayer Plant Leaves Curling? Causes & How to Fix

Prayer plants are unique in their ways. They naturally fold leaves inwards at night and unfold them just after dusk. However, sometimes the leaves will refuse to open or seem to remain praying unusually the whole day. Your prayer plants are communicating they may have issues needed to fix. If you don’t act promptly to … Read more