How Often to Water Pothos (Season, Routine + Amount)

How much water does your pothos houseplant need and how often should you make it drink? The following things will necessitate watering your pothos more often: How often to water your Pothos (Cooler Months + Wintertime) During the cooler months, a majority of your houseplants will not grow aggresively. Some stop growing or just enter … Read more

How Far Apart to Plant Tomatoes (With Pictures)

How far apart do you plant tomatoes in your garden? Spacing your tomatoes correctly can say a lot when it comes to controlling certain aspects of production. These aspects include tomato population, pests and diseases, inter-competition and light. Tomato varieties can determine how far apart to plant; from row to row and from one tomato … Read more

How to Grow Anthurium Crystallinum Houseplant (With Pictures)

Plants from the Anthurium genus are known to be long-lasting and bold. They can still thrive in cold temperatures, though nothing beats their growing momentum than keeping them in warm conditions. This Crystallinum is surprisingly hardy. Are Anthurium Crystallinum plants easy to care for? With any indoor plant with growth specificities, it may seem difficult … Read more

Moonlight Treubii: “Sterling Silver” Features, Growing + Care

Treubii moonlight is an attractively easy-to-grow houseplant with low maintenance. Care guide tips are therefore easy to follow, and great for them to thrive and grow without any problems or concerns. Read our main care practices from watering, pruning, light requirements to repotting and propagation. What is Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight? Treubii moonlight is a cold … Read more

Hindu Rope Plant (Hoya Compacta) Care

The Hindu rope plant is a waxy semi-succulent that’s really a slow grower. It originates from Southern India – where it is native. In its natural habitat, the plant adapted to feed and nourishes mainly from air and surfaces of other large growth and vegetation. Therefore it is epiphytic in nature. If you love orchids, … Read more

Hoya Heuschkeliana Variegata Ultimate Care Tips

Potted Hoya Heuschkeliana houseplant Are you really after the hoya collection hype? If so, this is one of those sensational variegated kinds of plants. There is every bit in this houseplant’s physical appearance and uniqueness. At a glance, this variegated houseplant may be confused with hoya Krimson princess. Knowing a Hoya Heuschkeliana Variegata This hoya … Read more

Hoya Compacta Variegata (Hindu Rope Plant) Care

Variegated hoya compacta is an easy-to-grow vining plant with twisted, curly, and waxy foliage. What makes it stand out the most are the beautiful flowers it bears in clusters. The plant will be happy in outdoor sunny spots. To let it perform at its best, keep this Carnosa variegata pest-free. The foliage may offer tiny … Read more

Asparagus Fern Turning Yellow: (Why + Quick Fixes)

Garden asparagus fern (Asparagus densiflorus) is susceptible to yellowing due to care issues and unsuitable growth conditions. The outdoor fern plant normally turns yellow during the winter. Common problems that result in them turning yellow include underwatering, low light, poor nutrition and low temperature. NOTE: This fern is not a real asparagus plant. How do … Read more

Guide to Cebu Blue Pothos Care + Propagation

Cebu blue is a species of vining plants with textured and impressive foliage. With good maintenance, these indoor lovelies can be a good choice for beginners. Knowing a Cebu Blue Pothos A Cebu blue pothos is an Epipremnum pinnatum genus member of plants. Therefore, it is a variety of pothos. It is a unique vining … Read more

Epipremnum Pinnatum Variegata: Growth & Care Guide

The variegated Epipremnum pinnatum is one of the beauties among the fenestrated houseplants. I set my eyes first on this one when I wanted to know more intriguing bits about variegation in plants. As a highly hunted-for plant, its fenestrated leaves are an eye-catcher. And if you’re really about any brilliant houseplant, this could be … Read more