Guide to Hoya Carnosa Care + Variety Pictures

There are about 600 to 900 known species of hoya carnosa. These include cultivars and hybrids. Among the hoyas, carnosa is the most common species. Carnosa (cultivars or hybrids) are stunning vine houseplants. They are fast growers. Our care details cover growing our top 5 carnosa cultivars: Hoyas are native to Southern India. In the wild, they … Read more

Monstera Root Rot: How to Tell, Treat, Prevent & Save (Pictures)

Root rot is a condition that can kill your monstera plants in a week or so. Clear signs show up later. That is when the plant is really stressed. It can’t cope sitting in a flooded, suffocated rooting medium anymore. Nevertheless, you can trace the signs and save your houseplant from dying of root rot. … Read more

Pothos Leaves Curling: Why, What to do + Revival Steps

What does it mean when pothos leaves curl? Finding your houseplant leaves curled up, down, or rolled isn’t surprising. Thankfully so, it happens sometimes. Finding out why this happens can shed light on corrective measures to revive and restore healthy and flush growth. Here is why leaf curl occurs on pothos plants: 1) You Underwater … Read more

Why White Spots on Tomato Leaves (Treat & Get Rid)

White spots on tomato leaves can be a disturbing plant problem. They cause delayed growth, lower productivity or lead to the death of tomato plants. The spots can appear on the upper side or lower side of the leaves. Explore possible causes of white spots on tomato plants in your garden, greenhouse or plantation field. … Read more

Bird of Paradise Leaves Curling: Yellow + Brown

Without up-to-date care, your houseplant will start facing problems. Leaves may curl inwardly, down or get a bit of twisted growth. Sometimes leaf curl will also occur after watering or repotting. As experienced by some gardeners, they could turn yellow or brown even when it is not dry. Consequently, they won’t bloom. Birds of paradise … Read more

Tomato Leaves Curling: Up, Down & Roll (Prevent + Treat)

Leaf curling in tomato plants can be a worrying symptom for any gardener. This symptom can translate into a big concern for anyone doing tomato production in fields. Learn more about leaf curl patterns (up, down or rolling) in tomatoes, their causes, and how to control, stop or prevent the problem where possible. 1) Herbicide … Read more

How Far Apart to Plant Tomatoes (With Pictures)

How far apart do you plant tomatoes in your garden? Spacing your tomatoes correctly can say a lot when it comes to controlling certain aspects of production. These aspects include tomato population, pests and diseases, inter-competition and light. Tomato varieties can determine how far apart to plant; from row to row and from one tomato … Read more

Monstera Leaves Curling: Causes + Fix Steps

Is your monstera plant leaves curling? Curling leaves is a common problem for these houseplants. Besides watering and fertilizer problems, factors such as unfavorable house conditions and care-related issues may contribute to leaf curl. These factors include low humidity, dry indoors, drafts and pest infestation. Monstera, also called Swiss Cheese Plant, is a houseplant with … Read more

How to Get Rid of Spider Mites During Flowering

If you let spider mites take over your garden, you may incur loss and high production costs. They can invade your flowering vegetable gardens or houseplants. Finding the best lasting solution to the spider mite problem is not easy. You can prevent or treat them culturally or use proven methods. Cultural methods involve garden weed … Read more

Overwatered Monstera Deliciosa: Signs & Treatment

Over-watering your monstera can cause leaf drooping and wilting. It can also lead to root rot or fungal growth in the soil that can kill it. With good watering habits, you can fix and end this problem. You can also save your plant if you start revival steps at the right time. Signs of Overwatered … Read more