How to Clean a Shag Rug

Cleaning your shag rugs is as crucial as top-notch maintenance clues and tips. Doing it purposefully well means keeping the shags in good shape. You can do this by vacuuming, steaming, spot-treating or deep cleaning. You can as well hand-wash small shags. Large fluffy ones can keep in excess moisture – proving it difficult to … Read more

How to Grow Hoya Australis (Varieties + Propagation)

Hoya australis is an evergreen vining houseplant with vintage indoor excellence. It has low maintenance but rewarding growing outcomes even with some neglect in looking after it. Knowing Hoya Australis Native to Eastern Asia and Australia, these subspecies remain more popular in Australia. They are found growing naturally along the Queensland coast to Cape York. … Read more

Guide to Hoya Carnosa Care + Variety Pictures

There are about 600 to 900 known species of hoya carnosa. These include cultivars and hybrids. Among the hoyas, carnosa is the most common species. Carnosa (cultivars or hybrids) are stunning vine houseplants. They are fast growers. Our care details cover growing our top 5 carnosa cultivars: Hoyas are native to Southern India. In the wild, they … Read more

How Often to Water Pothos (Season, Routine + Amount)

How much water does your pothos houseplant need and how often should you make it drink? The following things will necessitate watering your pothos more often: How often to water your Pothos (Cooler Months + Wintertime) During the cooler months, a majority of your houseplants will not grow aggresively. Some stop growing or just enter … Read more

Monstera Adansonii Variegata – Growing Needs + Pictures

Monstera adansonii Variegata are unique plants. They are rare to find but caring for them isn’t demanding. If you are a beginner, you need to purchase either a mature plant or a grown stem cutting. You can purchase from online sellers or visit a reputable plant sale outlet near you. Like monstera deliciosa, adansonii are … Read more

KBG vs Tall Fescue Grasses: (Qualities for Choice + Pictures)

While both Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue are ideal for your lawn, physiological and physical differences could have a say in terms of what to choose to grow. Telling the two apart is easy. Kentucky Bluegrass or Tall Fescue? (with Pictures) Highlights in major differences (table). Kentucky Bluegrass Tall Fescue Grows relatively slower Grows faster … Read more

How to Clean Prefinished Hardwood Floors

Cleaning prefinished hardwood floors is easier than cleaning unfinished ones. A cleaning regime for such a hardwood floor is even much more enjoyable with the right preps, supplies and tools. Routine cleaning and maintenance of your flooring mean everything. They remain durable and functional for as long as they can serve. Objectivities for owning and … Read more

Monstera Root Rot: How to Tell, Treat, Prevent & Save (Pictures)

Root rot is a condition that can kill your monstera plants in a week or so. Clear signs show up later. That is when the plant is really stressed. It can’t cope sitting in a flooded, suffocated rooting medium anymore. Nevertheless, you can trace the signs and save your houseplant from dying of root rot. … Read more

Pothos Leaves Curling: Why, What to do + Revival Steps

What does it mean when pothos leaves curl? Finding your houseplant leaves curled up, down, or rolled isn’t surprising. Thankfully so, it happens sometimes. Finding out why this happens can shed light on corrective measures to revive and restore healthy and flush growth. Here is why leaf curl occurs on pothos plants: 1) You Underwater … Read more

Why White Spots on Tomato Leaves (Treat & Get Rid)

White spots on tomato leaves can be a disturbing plant problem. They cause delayed growth, lower productivity or lead to the death of tomato plants. The spots can appear on the upper side or lower side of the leaves. Explore possible causes of white spots on tomato plants in your garden, greenhouse or plantation field. … Read more